Faculty :Dr.Shivajirao Rajaram Shinde

Name Dr.Shivajirao Rajaram Shinde
Designation Associate Professor of Agril. Botany
Telephone No. (0231) 2605852 Extn. No. 413 Agril. Botany
Mobile No. 9404969297
E-mail ID Sshivaji99@yahoo.com
Academic Qualification M. Sc. (Agri.) Ph. D.
Designation Place of work and organization Mode of Recruitment Date of Joining from – To Nature of
Nomination Promotion  
Sr. Res. Assistant Head Department of
Economics, MPKV, Rahuri
Nomination  ------- 21.04.1981
Research & Extension  
Sr. Res. Assistant Project Co-ordin. Saff. Solapur ------- ------- 24.08.1981 to 02.01.1984 Research & Extension
Seeds Officer
(Asstt. Prof. of Botany)
MPKV, Rahuri Nomination ------- 03.01.1984 to 24.04.1984 (B.N.) Research & Extension
Quality Control Officer
(Asstt. Prof. of Botany)
MPKV, Rahuri ---------- -------- 24.04.1984 (B.N.)
to 09.09.1985
Research & Extension
Asstt. Professor A.C. Kolhapur ---------- -------- 09.09.1985 to 03.07.2003 Teaching Research & Extension
Asso.  Professor
(Groundnut Breeder)
O.R.S. Jalgaon ---------- Promotion 04.08.2003 to 07.02.2004 (B.N) Research & Extension
Asso.  Professor of Plant Breeding
ARS, Digraj ---------- ---------- 08.02.2004 to 11.08.2008 (A.N.) Research & Extension
Asso.  Professor of Botany A.C.Kolhapur ---------- ---------- 12.08.2008 to till today Teaching Research & Extension
Area ofSpecialization Cytogenetics & Plant Breeding   
  1. Identified promising hosts for sandal wood.
  2. Established Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory at A. C. Kolhapur and regenerated S’ Cane plants by tissue culture
  3. Recipient of ‘Gaurav pramanpatra’ for best guidance in DIPEX-97 Exhibition
  4. Developed four moderately leaf rust resistant genotypes in Soybean viz., KS-112,113,129,132.
  5. The Soybean genotype KS-103 promoted to AVT – II  (Southern zone Kharif-2012).
Publications :
Name of the authors Title of published paper Journal/ Magazine/ Symposium Volume, Page no.
Shinde S. R.and Patil R. B. Line X Tester analysis for the study of Combining ability in Brinjal J. Maharashtra Agril. University 1984, 9 (2) : 163-165
Patil R. B. and Shinde S. R. Heterosis in Egg. Plant J. Maharashtra Agril. University 1984, 9 (3) : 189-192
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Mehetre S. S., Mahajan C. R., Shinde S. R.and Desai M. S. Gammary ray induced high oil content in soybean. Int. Symp. on the use of Induced mutations and Molecular Techniques for Crop Improvement, Vienna (Austria) IAEA-SM-340/11 P. 1995 June, 19-23
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