Faculty : Dr. G.G.Khot

Name Dr. G. G. Khot
Designation  Head of section ,Professor of Plant Pathology,
Telephone No. 0231/2605851,52, Extn. 201/424
Mobile No 9881463686
E-Mail ID drggkhot@rediffmail.com
Academic qualifications:  Ph.D. in Microbiology
Service experience  31 Years
  Area of specialization Biocontrol/Benificial Microorganism
  1. Establishment of Biofertilizer production unit of worth One crores with in 2007-11.
  2. Generated16 lakh receipt from 2007 on wards,
  3. Worked as JRF coordinator & guided students for exam.
  4. Recorded  bacterial leaf spot in Mango in Kolhapur region(First report)
  5. Demonstrated soybean rust path in Krishna belt & epidemiology of rust.
  1. Research :-30
  2. Technical :-18
  3. Popular    :-25
  4. T.V.Talk:-11
  5. Radio talk :-25
Awards Late K.V.Deshpande silver trophy & cash prize  of Rs.100/- for securing first position in  Plant Pathology at B.Sc.(Agri.)level.