Faculty-Prof. Sangram Sahebrao Dhumal

Name Prof. Sangram Sahebrao Dhumal
Designation Assistant Professor of Horticulture
Telephone No.
7588695507, 9766534660 sangram1326@hotmail.comsangram1897@gmail.com
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Academic Qualification
Exam Passed Board / University Institute / School Year of Passing CGPA/ Marks % Class
Ph.D. (Hort.) in Fruit Science M.P.K.V. Rahuri. P.G.I. Rahuri. Thesis submitted (2012)

9.00/10 (80.00)

Ist class with Distinction
M .Sc (Agri) Horticulture M.P.K.V. Rahuri. P.G.I. Rahuri. 2001

8.13/10 (81.30)

First Class
B.Sc (Agri) M.P.K.V. Rahuri. College of Agriculture, Kolhapur July 1999


Ist class with Distinction
3rd Rank in MCAER list.
Certificate Course on Computer Concepts(CCC)

DOEACC, DIT. Govt. India

DOEACC Society
Academy of Kanishka Computers, Jaipur

November 02

A grade


  1. M. Sc. (Agri): Effect of various post harvest treatments on the shelf-life of Aonla (Emblica officinalis Gaertn.) Fruits cv. Kanchan
  2. Ph. D. (Hort.) in Fruit Science: Studies on processing of Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) into value added products.
Service Experience 11 years

Post Held
Name of The Employer Mode of Acquiring Work Experience Nature of The Employer Duties Performed in brief
From To Y-M
Research Associate National Research Centre for Onion & Garlic (ICAR), Rajgurunagar, Pune  Selection 30.6.01 31.08.03 2 – 2 ICAR (Central Government) Research and Extension activities related to Project
Executive (Territory manager) (Trainee) Syngenta India Ltd., Mumbai Selection 15.9.03 3.11.04 1 – 2 Private (Corporate) Extension, Sales generation, promotion and marketing, territory planning and management
Senior Research Assistant
Dept. Of Horticulture
Registrar, M.P.K.V., Rahuri Selection 4.11.04 18.12.07 3 – 1 University Research work, Farm management & Extension
Assistant Professor of Horticulture,
College of Agriculture, Kolhapur
Registrar, M.P.K.V., Rahuri Selection 19.12.07 Till Date 4 – 6 University Teaching, Research work and extension
Area of Specialization Horticulture (Fruit science)
  1. At NRCOG, Rajgurunagar:
    1. Associated in design and development of Onion Grader (Tested and Recommended)
    2. Associated in design and development of Onion Drier (Solar Drier).
    3. Associated in design, development and testing of different models of onion storage structures at NRCOG, Rajgurunagar. Out of these models, Bottom Ventilated Storage Structure has been already accepted by Govt. of Maharashtra, for onion growers.
    4. Helped in designing and commissioning of Low cost bottom ventilated onion storage structure
    5. Surveyed for onion storage structures in various onion- growing areas of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka.
  2. At SYNGENTA INDIA Ltd., Mumbai:
    1. Successfully implemented formation of Syngenta Farmers Club (Now it has been named as Krishishakti).
    2. Successfully handled business territory of 15 lakhs as a Executive (Trainee)
    3. Successfully introduced new product Pegasus and achieved sales of 208 kg on vegetables specially on Capsicum, Tomato and Brinjal.
    4. Successfully established new product Actara in Satara and Sangli market through ASK formula.
    5. Achieved sale of 1.5 KL Tilt and 65 lts of Score  in Ichalkaranji market only in 10 days.
    6. Actively participated in Grape, Pomegranate, and Mango campaigns.
    7. Also boosted the Gramoxone sale in Sugarcane tract.
    8. Performed duties as a Help Desk to the farmers in technical support.
  3.   At MPKV, Rahuri as a Senior Research Assistant:
    1. Actively participated in the successful organization of Agricultural Technology Week a Historical Milestone Event of M.P.K.V., Rahuri on 10-14 October, 2005. Special participation in Horticulture Field Demonstration.
    2. Participated in the International Agricultural Exhibition and Live Field Demonstrations held at College of Agriculture,Pune hosted jointly by MPKV, Rahuri and Sakal during 17th to 21stNovember, 2007.
    3. Associated in development of Phule Priya variety of Garden pea.
  4.   At College of Agriculture, Kolhapur (MPKV, Rahuri) as a Assistant Professor:
    1. Prepared photographic manuals for all the undergraduate courses of Horticulture discipline.
    2. Prepared photographic practical manuals for Ph.D. courses of Fruit science.
    3. Worked as University Team Manager for Interuniversity youth festival since 2010 and won national level prizes in different events for MPKV, Rahuri.
    4. Recognized Teacher for M.Sc. (Agri.).
    5. Working as Associate NCC officer, College of Agriculture, Kolhapur and commissioned as Lieutenant in 2011.
  1. Research  (From 2001 to till date)      : 18
  2. Technical: 
    1. Bulletin        : 01
    2. Full papers    : 05
    3. Abstracts       : 15
  3. Extension: 31
  4. TV Programmes: 05
  1. Won the First prize for poster Studies on development of pomegranate juice processing technology: Use of clarification agents and methods. presented in the International Symposium on Minor Fruits and Medicinal Plants for Health and Ecological Security held at BCKV, Kalyani, West Bengal from 19-22 December, 2011
  2. Recipient of College Merit And Merit Cum Means Scholarship
  3. Recipient of ASPEE Junior Research Fellowship for research work during M.Sc. (Agri.) in Horticulture.(1999-2001).
  4. Was member of university football and hockey team
  5. Directed and played roles in various Dramas like Ithe Oshalala Mrutyu, Moruchi Mavashi, Tarun Turka Mhatare Arka, Shrimant Damodarpant, Nath Ha Maza, Karti Premat Padali, Gharoghari Hich Bomb, Chhoo Mantar and one act plays like Nyay, Jahaj Phutale Aahe, Aata Uthavu Saare Raan, Ashi Ek Ahilya etc.
  6. Wrote 4 skits and 1 one act play.
  7. Awarded as Bal Shastragnya Award in 1991-92
  8. Rewarded as Best Actor Award in 1992-93 at Tahsil level.
Selections, Trainings and seminars
  1.   Was selected as a Agriculture Officer(Assistant manager) in Dena Bank.
  2.   Was selected as a Research Associate in National Chemical Laboratory ,Pune.
  3.   Attended National training on HI-Tech floriculture;, held at College of Agriculture, Pune, during 1-8 December, 1999.
  4.   Underwent Terriotory Management Planning Orientation Programme held by SYNGENTA India Ltd. At Mumbai.
  5.   Attended National Seminar on Production and Utilization of Aonla held at Salem, Tamil Nadu on 8-10th August, 2003.
  6.   Attended 7th Agricultural Science Congress held at College of Agriculture, Pune on 16-18th  February 2005.
  7.   Attended Farmer rallies and exhibitions at Aurangabad, Pune and Rajgurunagar during year 2001-02.
  8.   Attended Germplasm Field Day held at Issapur, New Delhi by NBPGR, New Delhi on 5th October, 2007.
  9.   Attended District level Spice crops training programme organized for the staff of Department of Agriculture, Maharashtra. (Nasik Division) held at MPKV, Rahuri and delivered a lecture on Cultivation and Management of Ginger
  10. Participated in 21 days advanced training on Breeding and seed production of Vegetable Crops organized by Centre of Advanced Studies in Horticulture (Vegetables) at Department of Vegetable Science, Dr. YS Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, Nauni, Solan (HP) from 5th -25th August, 2008.
  11.    Participated / presented poster paper in the third Indian Horticulture Congress, 2008 on New R and D Initiatives in Horticulture for Accelerated Growth and Prosperity held at Bhubaneshwar, Orissa from 6-9 November, 2008.
  12. Participated in 21 days summer school on Non-conventional Approaches for Crop Improvement  in Horticultural Crops organized by the Division of Biotechnology, IIHR, Bangalore, sponsored by ICAR, from June 16 to July 6, 2009.
  13.    Underwent two days training on Stress management, Human Development and Management held at College of Agriculture, Kolhapur, Maharashtra from 7th to 8th March, 2009.
  14. Participated / presented oral (one) and poster (two) papers in the International Symposium on Minor Fruits and Medicinal Plants for Health and Ecological Security held at BCKV, Kalyani, West Bengal from 19-22 December, 2011 and won best poster award for poster Studies on development of pomegranate juice processing technology: Use of clarification agents and methods
Life Member
  • Indian Society of Vegetable Sciences, Varanasi
  • Indian Society of Alliums, Rajgurunagar, Pune
  • Hi-Tech Horticultural Society (Annals of Horticulture), Meerut