Agriculural Plant Pathology Research

Agricultural Plant Pathology Research

This section carrying out the subject matter research .The highlights of research project carried out are as follows.

  • Survey of bacterial wilt of brinjal and tomato were carried out and still continued and found all the varieties of brinjal and tomato under cultivation are susceptible to the disease.
  • Observations on incidence of diseases of the summer paddy were recorded in the month of April and May 2000. All verities were free from the diseases viz, Blast , Brown spot and bacterial blight etc
  • The samples of eye spot of sugarcane were collected from different tahsil of Kolhapur district and isolation were carried out in laboratory and identify cultures Helminthosporium saccharae and curvularia spp.
  • Jawar – Studies on assessing the resistance of jowar varities against downy mildew showed that the cultivar R-16 , Fr- 12, CSV-2 , CSH-1,CSH-2,SDM-9,SPV-340 and CSH-4 showed the high degree of resistance.
  • Wheat – Fungicides Dithane Z-78 @ 0.25 % found effective against stem rust of wheat by reducing disease intensity to greater extent.
  • Sugarcane – Field survey were undertaken in kolhapur district showed that the incidence whip smut of sugarcane was upto 5 %.
  • Maize – Maize cultivars namely EVA-1 ,EVA-2 EVA-3 EH-2026 ,EHP- 101 EHP-100,EHP-106, were found promising against leaf blight (Helminthosporium turcicum ) .
  • Chikku- From etiological work on flat limb is malady due to nutritional imbalance / physiological disorder .
  • Mango- New bacterial disease caused by Pseudomonas sp. Recorded first
  • time in Maharashtra on variety Ratna
  • Gorundnut- Bud necrosis of Groundnut is found to be more prevalent in summer grown crop(Jan to May) and also in widely sown (30x15cm) crop than closely sown (15x10 cm) crop.
  • Soybean-
    • Rust of soybean caused by Phakopsora pachyrhizi was first time observed by this section in the year 1994 on variety viz. JS-335 and MACS-13 grown at shirol tahsil. Field survey is continuously carried out.
    • Studies on screening of soybean cultures against cercospora leaf spot under natural conditions was undertaken for 3 years and reported that ACPS- 92092, MACS-13 DS 97 DS 53 and Ankur varieties were resistant.
  • French bean : Three years studies on natural screening of French bean cultivars against Anthracnose, Mosaic, Yellow Mosaic, Crincle Mosaic of 80 cultures , only four cultures viz. KOIB-2,3,4 and 5 found promising.
  • This section has carried out the subject matter research on establishment of Soybean rust Trap Nursery, Wheat Rust Trap Nursery and Multilocation trial on cultivation of white milky mushroom.