Agronomy Farm

Agronomy Farm

Soils and climate

The college farm soils varying from shallow, sandy loam to medium deep clay soils with pH ranging from 6.5 to 7.1. Almost all the area at main farm is under irrigation, which is provided through Rajaram Bandhara and four existing wells on the farm.

The Data on weather parameters viz. rainfall, number of rainy days, maximum and minimum temperatures, morning and evening humidity and evaporation recorded during different Meteorological weeks for the year 2017 at College of Agriculture, Kolhapur are presented in Table – 1.

The data presented in Table-1 revealed that the total rainfall received during the year 2017 was 891.6 mm in 65 rainy days, which was deficit by near about 16.0 % to the average annual rainfall of this region (1057 mm). The onset of monsoon was normal but the quantity of rainfall is less in the month of July and August. The distribution of rainfall was quite good.

The maximum and minimum temperature was recorded during the period under report was 39.1o C (April) & 8.1o C (January), respectively. Similarly the morning and evening humidity was ranged between 58.2 to 92.4 % & 21.2 to 83.2 %, respectively

Total cultivable area of Agronomy farm :- 29.03

Area under Irrigation :- 19.37

Sourse of irrigation :- Wells, Quarries and bore wells

Agronomy Instructional Farm

Sr. No. Name of Division Area (ha) Purpose
  UG Level 2 For practical’s of crop production courses viz., Agro-236, Agro-248 & for practical of seed production module, AEL Agro- 4813.
  PG Level 2.74 For PG research trials
  Seed Production Kharif 8.00 paddy and soybean
    Rabi 8.00 wheat and sugarcane

Conduct of Practical and Hands-on-Training

Practical’s are conducted by using models/specimens of seed, fertilizers, herbicides, manures, tools and implements, weed and crop plants identification, different methods of sowing, irrigation layouts, agro meteorological instruments, methods of fertilizer application, methods of weed management, production techniques of different field crops, use of modern software media like PowerPoint presentation, develop entrepreneurship among the students regarding seed production of field crops and their processing.

Exhibition Hall/ Museum:

Sr. No. Name of the Division Name of the Museum Use
1 Agronomy Crop Cafeteria Identification of kharif and rabi crops

Post graduate Laboratories and equipments :

Sr. No. Name of Division Post graduate Laboratory Equipments
1 Agronomy Plant & soil analysis laboratory Flame photometer, Sox let apparatus, Micro Kjeldhal Digestion unit Macro Kjeldhal, pH Meter, Electric Conductivity bridge, Oven, Distillation water unit, Electronic Balance, Grinding mill and Slide projector.